Delhi – Meerut Rapidx has Confirmed to start from june, Prime Minister Modi Likely To Inaugurate

Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut rapid rail, Rapidx is ready to be operational very soon. India’s first regional semi high speed train system will be operational in first of June maybe in the first week. Advanced train system being constructed by (NCRTC) National Capital Region Transport Corporation is likely to be inaugurated by PM Modi next month.

17(Seventeen) km priority section of rapidx between the Sahibabad and Duhai is nearing completion. It is to be noted that the priority section of RRTS will connect five stations, namely, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Guldhar, Duhai, and Duhai Depot. Earlier, National Capital Region Transport Corporation announced that the completion of Sahibabad RRTS Station, which is also the first Station of the system to be completed. The station has been equipped with multiple amenities to facilitate ease of travelling for commuters.

Rapidx will offer amenities such as dedicated train attendant, business class, and premium services and Furthermore, it will have six to eight coach cars. Among these – there will be a separate coach reserved for female passengers with a seating capacity of 72 peoples. In the other coaches, there will be 10 more seats set out for the female commuters.

Rapidx is designed to cater to diverse needs of all sections of society, including the womens. The safety and convenience are womens biggest and the most important concerns while travelling. Hence, since its inception, NCRTC has focussed on Rapidx to be a gender inclusive public transport system. It is going to be a game changer for women as it will empower them through improved access to employment, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities and will provide seamless and fast connectivity – NCRTC (National Capital Region Transport Corporation) said in the statement.