Who will show courage against Kejriwal?

BJP and Congress have to make a lot of effort, so far no name has been considered, searching for candidate to contest New Delhi seat.

The New Delhi seat of the Delhi Legislative Assembly remains a cause of challenge for the BJP and the Congress. CM and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal have to contest on this seat, but so far both the parties have not been able to find any candidate on this seat. Both parties want Kejriwal not to be given a walkover on this seat, so they are doing a lot of work to give them a contest candidate. It is believed that both the parties will be able to win the election of the candidate in the last minute.

Sources reveal that BJP and Congress leaders are keen that Kejriwal be kept ‘busy’ in the New Delhi seat, for this, a candidate who can keep Kejriwal busy there and not campaign too much in other areas of Delhi Get But the problem is that both these parties are not getting any ‘effective’ leader who can ‘tie’ Kejriwal to the New Delhi seat. The leader of the opposition party is assuming that Kejriwal had won the last two elections by confusing the people. So now they really have a litmus test. The reason for this is that the mood on the New Delhi seat is different from the other seats and the caste and other equations are not very effective here. There is a large number of government employees in this seat and they decide the victory or defeat of someone.

A senior BJP leader claims that Kejriwal’s work has been exposed to the public. They have tried to mislead people by making them talk of development in four months. The voters of New Delhi are very much settled. He knows the real story of the Aam Aadmi Party, so if an effective candidate is found on this seat, Kejriwal can be tied there. He said that is why the high command is trying very hard on this seat. On this issue, a Congress leader says that keep watching, on this seat, our party will bring a candidate who will give ‘Naak Chane Chabwa’ to Kejriwal. Asked whether there can be any external leader, he said that anything can be done to defeat Kejriwal.

Significantly, in the last assembly election, Kejriwal defeated BJP candidate Nupur Sharma by a huge margin of 31,583. Here Congress candidate Kiran Walia got only 4781 votes and his bail was forfeited. Earlier in the 2013 assembly elections too, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit lost against Kejriwal by 25,864 votes. While BJP candidate Vijendra Gupta was defeated by 26,317 in third place. Sources reveal that BJP can contest any student leader or hill from this seat, while Congress is considering giving ticket to an outsider. Currently, due to Kejriwal being a candidate, the contest in this seat will be worth a look.