Tax evasion in the subdivision: fraudulent fraud of 108 crores, 3 in hold

Directorate General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence Zone made a big disclosure on Friday. A racket of about 108 crore rupees was being made by making a racket through fake invoice (fake challan). Taxpayers cheated crores of rupees from this fraud. In this case, the department busted the three accused by confiscating important documents during a 2-day operation.

According to the information, on the basis of intelligence, the team of Zone took a raid in the business and resident areas on Wednesday and Thursday. Initial action revealed that taxpayers were making crores of crores by making fake invoice rackets. On this, the team recovered a large number of documents and secret digital data from the spot. At the same time, preliminary investigation revealed that fake tax of Rs 108 crore was taken advantage of input tax credit of Rs 9.75 crore through fake invoice. During the investigation, the accused admitted that they had been fraudulently taking input tax credit as a racket.

The team of Directorate General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence, Nagpur zone, searched 5 institutions. During this period, ITC worth Rs 4 crore 66 lakh 98 thousand 710 was taken advantage of in the investigation of Bharatvada Road Marital Society Plant No 27 and Ramprasad Bherkar’s Baba Enterprises located in Bharatnagar.

Gangabai Ghat Road Unit Marble located at Bhandewadi, Mohammad Shamshab Sheikh took advantage of ITC worth Rs 2 crore 47 lakh 47 thousand 769 in the investigation of Bhavani Enterprises.

In the investigation of Karan Steel of street number 6 and plant number 8, Nehar Bopche in Bhavani Nagar, Poonapur Road, Pardi, took advantage of ITC of Rs 2 crore 19 lakh 32 thousand 560.

Kush Traders of Plot No. 9, Ram Jangid, behind the Chhapru Chau Sukhani Complex Annapurna Hotel, Lakdganj, availed ITC of Rs 41 lakh 68 thousand 969.

Sreeram Kunj shop number 6 near Kachhi Visa, Sai Kripa Enterprises of Harshal Ramteke was searched, but no irregularities were found.

Screws on

Ramprasad Borkar of Baba Enterprises

Mr. Shamshad Sheikh of Bhavani Enterprises

Nehar Ghanshyam Bopche of Karan Steel

What the figures say

Created 9 crore 75 lakh 48 thousand 8 input tax credits.

54 crore 19 lakh 33 thousand 378 fake bills of Rs.

Fake bills of Rs 54 crore 19 lakh 33 thousand 378 were issued.